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Desert City

About Me

Matisse Begue is a student at the Center for Technology Essex, where he is currently enrolled in the Computer Animation and Web Design program(CAWD). Matisse regularly shows a hunger for knowledge seen through the four college classes he is taking during the fall semester of 2019. In CAWD, he demonstrates an extensive knowledge in web along with web design.

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desert one way sign

Personal Statement

Like most people I have hobbies. Weather It be building pc's or working on my car, learning about ones hobbies might give some insite to who they are. I hope that i can also be informitive when taling about my hobbies. so, If you would like to learn more about my said hobbies click the link below.

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Portfolio Highlights

the best of my work will be found here. From 3d effects and enviroments to sweatshirt designs, you will find it all. If you are too lazy to look through a huge list of prodjects, dont worry I have condensed it into a short list of the best I have to offor.

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Conputer Animation & Web Design stufent for 2 years at the Center for Technology Essex.

Took advantage of dual enrolment opertunites enrolling in: Website Development, PreCalculus, Python, colledge classes along with others.

NTHS memeber since 2019.

Took third in state wide SkillsUSA design competition.

Holds a assosiates CSWA Web Certification

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